The MBA sponsors one or more "4-day Rides" every year. The format is usually Wednesday through Sunday, with a travel day on Wednesday, full riding days on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and a shorter ride and travel home on Sunday. The rides have traditionally been in mid-summer.

A 4-day ride location is usually within a 5 hour drive (300 miles) of South Bend. Previous locations have included Holland, MI, Fort Wayne, IN, Petosky, MI, Traverse City, MI and Galena, IL.

Each 4-day ride is organized by a volunteer ride leader. Responsibilities include picking a destination, planning ride routes (usually a long and short distance for each day), creating maps. picking a hotel and campground and helping to publicize the ride. Previous ride leaders are available to provide coaching to a new leader.

If you would like to volunteer to lead a future 4-day ride send a note to info@mbabike.com or contact one of the club officers.

2016 4-Day Ride

The 2016 4-day ride was to Petoskey, MI. The weather was good, the riding was challenging and safe and everyone had a great time.


2017 4-Day Ride - August 16-20

The 2017 4-day ride will be to Galena, IL. This is a return to the site of the 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2015 4-day ride. Yes, we do like Galena.

Galena is a small (population 3,600) city in the northwest corner of Illinois. Galena was named by Forbes Traveler as one of the ten prettiest towns in America.

The Glaciers that flattened most of North America during the ice age did not encroach on northwestern Illinois and the immediate areas to the north and west. Consequently the hills, valleys and bluffs in this Mississippi River Valley area remain intact making the Galena area one of the most scenic in the Midwest.

Galena got it's name from the rich lead deposits in the area. Galena is the technical term for sulphide of lead mineral deposits.

In the past we have gone in July and in September. We are going to go in August this year. The date is August 16-20.

Our home base will be the Galena Country Inn and Suites. We are able to get a better rate through the hotel affinity program than through a group reservation. Make sure you sign up for their affinity program - Club Carlson - to get the best rate. You may either use the on-line reservation system or call the hotel. These reservations are cancellable until 4:00 pm on check-in day. If you would like to camp the Palace Campgrounds is very close to the hotel.

We will have full-day (60-70 miles) rides on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday we will have a shorter ride (35 miles) so that we can get back to the hotel in time to check-out. The past few trips everyone has gone the full distance, but we also have maps for shorter options.

If you are planning to participate in this year's 4-day ride please sign up here. Signing up does not commit you to go and you can un-signup whenever you like. We will use the signup to know who to keep informed as we plan the ride.